NVM 2023 Lead Up Stair Climbing Session (registration closed)

About Us:

Towerrunning Association of Singapore was founded in August 2020 and is the sport of running up tall buildings, using the stairs. Towerrunning can be enjoyed as a general exercise or as a competitive sport.

Event details:

Saturday 13th May 2023 – 09:30am (10 slots)

Saturday 13th May 2023 – 10:30 am (10 slots)

Saturday 20th May 2023 – 09:30am (10 slots)

Saturday 20th May 2023 – 10:30am (10 slots)

Saturday 27th May 2023 – 09:30am (10 slots)

Saturday 27th May 2023 – 10:30am (10 slots)

Venue: City Vue @ Henderson

Benefits of stair climbing:

Studies have shown that hill repeats and stairs training can help improve VO2 max, increase strength and stamina, and other things that are all good for runners.

Stairs training can be a great supplement to both running and racing. It can also be a quick and effective alternative to hill repeats. We are surrounded by many tall buildings, many of which are accessible to the public, such as high-rise public residential blocks. 

This session aims to condition the runner to (i) target the usage of gluts as the correct muscle group (ii) improve in endurance resistance due to vertical force which is against gravity and (iii)  improve stride length. 

Some of the benefits of stairs climbing include:

Excellent exercise against gravity  Pushing down to lift you up the stairs takes more energy compared to moving on a flat ground. This drives up your heart rate faster.  Regular stairs training builds your body strength, balance, agility and endurance. 
Lower impact cardio exercise It is a great cardio exercise without the excessive pressure to your joints as compared with skipping and running.
Equipment free and easy to startYou just need comfortable walking or running attire and shoes to start. No fancy equipment required.
Weather-proofRain or shine, you are well sheltered to do your stairs climbing in the building.

Training Program:

On the listed Saturdays every reporting time slot will be gathered at the surrounding seats of the basketball. Each time slot will be allocated with a maximum of 10 participants.

The duration of each time slot will be allocated with a total training session of 60 mins. Safety protocol will be ensured at pre, during and post training. During the session, there will be approximately 30 minutes of stair climbing.

The stair climbing will be led by a lead with an aim of 2 segments of 10 minutes; inclusive of time taken to rest and taking the lift back to starting level.

All participants will be ushered back to meeting point for closure of training.


  1. What is the minimum age to take part? 

Only participants of the age of 18 and above are allowed to participate in the training. Relevant indemnity and declaration fields must be filled up – failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the participant.

  1. How do I know if my entry has been accepted?

You will receive an email confirmation slip upon your successful registration. 

  1. Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration? 

There will be no refunds provided if you chose not to participate in the event after registration. 

  1. Can I transfer my registration if I wish to withdraw from the training? 

All sessions are strictly non-transferable.

  1. How do I know which group I am assigned to?

Group allocation will be based on registration made by the participant. However, in the event the time slot is overly subscribed, the organiser might offer the next available time slot or recommend a refund.  

  1. Is there a baggage deposit at the meeting point?

No. There will be NO baggage deposit at the meeting point. Participants are advised to travel light. 

  1. What time do I report for the training? 

All participants are encouraged to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the allocated time slot. Participants who are late, for safety reasons, may not be allowed to participate.

  1. Can I participate barefoot?

No. For your safety, barefoot is not allowed. 

  1. What if I am injured during the training or otherwise unable to finish the training?

Please approach the leader at stair climbing or run-related leader for medical attention.  

  1. What if the weather was inclement? 

The Organiser will at its discretion continue and make alterations to the training plans without compromising the safety of participants. 

  1. Do I have to bring my own water bottle?

Disposable distilled/mineral water bottles will be provided at the end of each session. You are encouraged to have your own water bottle during the session.  

For any enquirers, kindly email us at event@towerrunning.sg. We will respond to your email within 3 working days, excluding weekends and public holidays.

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