Welcome to the Towerrunning Association of Singapore!

Our mission is to to promote the sport of Towerrunning at all levels throughout Singapore and increase participation in line with our core values (Integrity, Excellence and Community).

If you are new to Towerrunning you might be wondering what exactly is Towerrunning?

Towerrunning is the sport of running up tall buildings, using the stairs. Generally towerrunners practice only running up stairs, not down, as going down is more strenuous on the knees and joints which can lead to injury.

Towerrunning can be enjoyed as a general exercise or as a competitive sport.

Towerrunning as a sport has a long history in Singapore, where it has held one of the longest standing towerruning races in history at the Swisshotel (30+ years since 1987).

Our Association caters to both race enthusiasts and general hobbyists, and we encourage people to become members to experience the world of Towerrnning at its finest in Singapore.