Singapore Seven Summits Stair Climbing Challenge 2021

The Singapore Seven Summits Stair Climbing Challenge is a fun endurance challenge developed by the Towerrunning Association of Singapore. Climbers are invited to ascend the seven highest HDB blocks in Singapore in homage to the famous mountaineering challenge of the same name, where climbers have to summit the highest mountain in each of the seven continents of the world. To complete the challenge, you must log ALL seven climbs between the 20th June and July 3rd 2021. This is a virtual event, which means you can do all the climbs in one day or spread your ascents over the 2 week period, it’s completely up to you. Just remember, you must log all of your ascents using our application timing system (details of system will be sent upon registration) otherwise they won’t count.

The challenge is free to enter but if you would like to make a small donation to help the Towerrunning Association of Singapore put on even more exciting events like this, you can make a PayNow donation at:

PAYNOW to Towerrunning Association of Singapore 

UEN T20SS0125F

OR use this PAYNOW QR Code:

How to complete the challenge:


Register at the link before you start your first ascent. 

Singapore Seven Summits Registration

You’ll be asked to register a ‘Climber Name’, it’s important you choose something memorable because you will need to enter this name each time you begin a climb.


Each one of your climbs will be logged in our timing database – you can view your ascent times in real-time and see how they compare to other climbers by accessing our results page link. The results database is configured to rank order; the fastest to the slowest ascents times, the total cumulative ascent time for each climber taken to complete all seven summits and to notify us when a climber has completed all seven climbs in the seven summits.

Prizes (Announced July 04th July 2021)

  • Complete the Seven Summits – E-Certificate 
  • The Shortest Cumulative Climb Time – Trophy
  • First person to complete the Seven Summits challenge (regardless of climb times)
  • Fastest Ascent Time for each building – Shout-out post and Glory

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